Inflate and Ron Arad Memo

Memo bean bag, 1999 
Plastic, styrene beads 
Design: Inflate and Ron Arad
Production: Inflate, UK

"After the British designer Nick Crosbie gave a lecture to the product design students at the Royal College of Art in London on the inflatable furniture he was developing, the department head Ron Arad suggested that they work together to rethink the Transformer seat which he had developed in the 1980s. Having agreed to create a seat in the form of an air-tight bag with an adjustable valve and styrene beads inside to add rigidity once it was inflated, they developed a series of prototypes in the hope of producing a comfortable and robust bean bag. Memo was unveiled as a pre-production prototype at the Milan Furniture Fair in April 1999 and went into full production a few months later."

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