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"What Does sleeping style of a couple tell about the relationship" The article then describes each sleeping style and what it means. 

A. The loving Spoonful
This position reveals strong bonding between the couple and is the symbol of ultimate understanding between them.

B. The dead arm embrace of passion
This position reveals that the passion is still alive and the love between the couple is still young and on a high.

C. The Tandem Bike
This position tells us that the couple is still trying to understand each other and compromise with each other.

D. Sunnyside and Flipped
This position reveals that both live in there own world and a lack of togetherness between them.

E. Property Dispute
Simply Drunk!

F. One side fits all
This position reveals that both of them do care for each other and they do have their small world where they share everything.

G. The Space Between Us
They are on a break.

H. Doing Da' Bump
They are in a fight but still care about each other.

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