saatchi gallery- POST POP

post pop

The exhibition presents contemporary pop art artists. It contains works dealing with religion, ideology, sexuality, consumptive lifestyle. But actually the most interesting are the ones touching on aspects of totalitarianism and religion. Inspired by these themes, pop art becomes the commentator of these problems or situations. For the most part these comments are satirical. Jesus holding hands with Micky Mouse is nothing  but a picture of our times, where every idea can be reduced to mercantile size. In such respect this trend is not longer mere passive reference to the present but takes a definite stand. It criticizes political extremities, religious fanaticism, lack of tolerance. Pop art takes away seriousness from issues which on everyday basis are considered grave and sometimes scary.  

Personally I rate the exhibition as very interesting, but I was taken aback by some literalism of works. From the very beginning this quality was inherent to Pop Art, but when it starts to have the character of manifesto, it becomes offensive. To the essential idea of transferring everyday object into an art-piece, start to be tied up others; new but as well important…….

What shocks is – how accurately portrayed – face of M. Jackson..  It contains (reflects?) the whole process of  nature degradation done in the name of quest for the ideal beauty. Beauty which does not exist – beauty (good enough?) for everyone.

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