We had a lecture about Narratives in Design, a toolkit to analyse the use of narrative in design, and to help define the use of narrative in the design process today. We were thinking some possible workshops in this morning with Kathleen. We were looking at some quick workshops we did before. For example, 30 ideas in 30 minutes (work quickly, make decisions and then drawing), Surface and Structure ( research, textural quickly and then given key words)…and so on. 

Tutor told us to find 2 key words and each student discussion and select 2 best key words. Our group theme is Leisure & Travel, we were thinking about comfort, safety, function, personal, public, time, shared, movement, freedom, feeling, protection, experience, private, future,quality,speed,budget, timing and adventure. We decided to look at comfort and movement. Then we need to think 15 ideas in 15 minutes (A drawn response not a design), 10 quick drawing to explore our 2 key words. We chose 2 sketches with potential to develop into more refined design ideas. 

About these 2 words, they inspired me of the movement of human body and how to make product fit the human body well. I can look at where is the most supporting point of human body can make people more comfortable. They also reminded me of the freezing sections of movie. Maybe every picture looks similar but they all have some tiny differences and keep changing. I was thinking maybe I can make a portable chair can be change to a bag that can make people feel comfortable and also can be moved to change shape. I did some test models to look at this quick idea.

We were looking at some cards which are designed to help us assess the way narrative is used in existing design examples, as well as help guide our use of narrative during the design process. We should think about who creates the narrative and who is the audience of this narrative? When is narrative present? Is the narrative internal to the object or external to the object? Why is narrative used, to what effect? What type of narrative is present? 

After analysing an example ‘Glenn and Walker’, Rubber Band Gun by using this method, I think I also need to think about my Unit 7 project as well. 

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