We had a quick group talk with tutor today. I showed my research and what I found interests me the most. Georgia said I thought about the Idea too fast, It should just be an initial idea, like a starting point for my Unit 7 project. She said I identified her camping specific situation of sleeping together in a group and I need to develop my I initial Idea more, I need to think of more than 20 Idea, maybe quit the sleeping bag Idea which is too simple. And another point Georgia mentioned that Why I want my sleeping bag’s shape like banana. I said I want to bring something from nature, but she said she did not see any fruit or vegetable will grow in the campsite. That remind me that I really need to think about more Ideas. 

I can look at Festivals, Atelier Van Lieshout or Tents & Small Space that could inspire me. What’s more, I can think about where do people sleep together? E.g. other cultures, prison…etc. I think I have a final I idea too soon, I will go do more research and think about more Ideas and solutions to enhance the Idea development part. 


What were the blanks in your speed dating this morning? / Why is this? / How will you address this?

There were lots of blanks in my speed dating such as, Books / journals / magazines, Websites / blogs / online resources, Films / Videos. etc / Designers / Artists and the Experiments / tests at home.  I think it because my classmate they are not very familiar with the camping area. This area didn't have much designer working for it. I will follow the reference I have on my proposal. I will follow my action plan to look for more researches. 


What places / sources for your research have you not yet used?

I haven’t have a quite specific and clear Idea or concept right now, so I was going to do more research and then think about an Idea and concept. 


How will your project aim developed since you started?

My project aim was quite broad, I was trying to make it more specific. I will did more secondary research to develop my project aim.


What have you discovered through your research?

I went to a campsite to look at what people think of camping and how they feel about camping there. And I did some Interviews and questionnaires about camping too. I found out people love sleeping together in the tiny tent include me. I love sleeping with my families and friends in the camp site, or sleepover at home. I also found out people carry quite a lot of stuffs to camp site, which is quite heavy. What’s more, it is quite messy and dirty sometimes, If they are cooking by using camp fire, when people cooking in the camp site. 


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