Fashion and Pop Art


The final shape of pop art was strongly influenced by consumptive character of American society in 60s of the last century. The premise of this trend was to increase the involvement of middle class in art by exploring reality and subjects typical to this social class (like Campbell cans). The same dependence could be seen in fashion, with the difference that designers adopted already existing pop art works into the realm of cloths. Fashion, however, remained the art of wealthy and designer clothes were expensive, made with the view to the best-off. Regardless of its source of inspiration, fashion will always ennoble it. The best example here is the career of Vivien Westwood; inspired by anti-elitist punk subculture, she made elite the main customer of her designs.


Inspired by pop art, I would like to include in my project large plains covered by thick layer of paint. Its important element would be the use of clean and vibrant colors, also very characteristic to pop art.


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