Tony Oursler 2014 Lisson Gallery

I visited the Lisson Gallery 'Tony Oursler: template/variant/friend/stranger. I wanted to visit this exhibition because a classmate recommended it, It is also close to CSM and a gallery I had never heard of or been to before. I went with an open mind and I was really impressed. I liked Ousler's connection with communication and identity in everyday life as this is so common now with social media and new techologies to make it easier for us to communicate with people. However he also has the vision that one day our man-made technology could end up controlling us and keeping us under constant surveillance. I really liked his VIE. COG, VAC, ANO series of faces which looked at facial recognition on a large scale showing large cardboard heads with monitors and media players that allowed the heads to have conversations amongst each-other with their lips able to move and their eyes able to blink.

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